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At Sovereign Plastics we know that defining and following structured processes is a key element in consistently delivering high quality parts.

For each of our products, we develop and maintain a Process Quality Document (PQD) that describes all the critical aspects of running that product.

The first step in developing our PQD’s is to hear from and listen to our customers so that we can thoroughly and clearly understand their requirements and expectations – especially regarding quality.

From critical dimensions to cosmetic requirements, we capture those specifications through the collaboration between our engineers, molding technicians, and production staff to ensure from the beginning of the process to the end we are delivering parts our customers will be proud of.

Our rigorous quality standards and processes start with step 1, and as importantly, with you, our customer.

Quality is Step Number One

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Injection Molding

Injection Molding is a standard method for manufacturing plastic products and is used to make a variety of parts in automotive, medical, consumer and industrial applications.​ Injection molding is accomplished using an injection molding machine, plastic resin and a mold

Machines come in many sizes, optimized to produce various sizes of part, and are characterized by the clamping force the machine can produce.

A mold is most commonly constructed out of aluminum or steel, but other materials are possible.  It is constructed in two halves with the shape of the part precision machined into the metal.  


The possibilities and applications for utilizing injection molding to produce plastic parts are seemingly infinite and offer manufacturers a cost effective method for producing reliable components.

Click here for the benefits of Injection Molding.


Mold Making

Quality molds made in the USA faster than anyone and with a lifetime guarantee.

At Sovereign Plastics, we make all of our molds in our Colorado Facility. Our highly skilled team builds over 100 molds per year. Our system is comprised of state of the art equipment and proprietary software that allow us to quickly convert your 3D CAD file into a high quality injection mold faster than anyone in the industry.

We have developed software to significantly increase the speed of the mold building process. We have automated the design, programming and machining of mold components. This allows us to reduce a typical mold build time of 6-12 weeks to just a few days. With this advancement our customers are able to get real injection molded parts to use either as production or prototype. This high level of automation also removes much of the labor from the process allowing us to be very competitive in price.


Prototyping - Dream it Build it!

Utilizing Sovereign Plastics’ high speed process, the same tool that provides prototype samples for testing and validation can be used for the initial production run. In many short run and low-volume cases, the same tool can be used for the entire life cycle of the product, using high grade QC10 aluminum provides the customer with the best return on investment.

Customers often take advantage of Sovereign Plastics’ process by using it as a bridge that connects prototype activities with their regular production program. Customers not only achieve their prototype requirements, they are also able to provide product for their start of early or regular production while their intended production source comes up to speed.

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