Why Choose Us?

When You Tool With Us...

You own the tool!

CNC Manufacturing

We specialize in Aluminum tooling from prototype through production.

We’ll get you from design to volume production for less money and quicker than anyone in the business.

Your Tool is 100% Guaranteed!


Misconception #1

Separating tooling from production saves cost and time


Second source tooling often needs correction before production. This can add time and cost to your project when you have a tool in hand.

Our tooling is designed to best fit the production machine they will run and result in the highest quality and fastest production

Misconception #2

Second source tooling is the only way you can ensure  100% tooling ownership.


 Based on the volume of a production run, tooling manufactured for your project can be owned outright immediately, or over a period of time. 

At Sovereign Plastics we provide clients a quick path to tooling ownership and lifetime guarantees on our tooling craftsmanship.