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Made in the USA

Image by Bravo Prince

Sovereign Plastics  is a supporter of the Made in America resurgence.


We know many people share this goal and desire but are skeptical or just don’t know where to turn for solutions. We have invested in technologies which allow us to produce molds, parts and design work while competing with Pacific Rim costs.


Far too often the perception of cheap products focuses on a per piece price without fully amortizing all the hidden costs into that alleged rock bottom price. Travel, per-diem, transportation, port/import broker duties and port delays all cost money and especially time.


At Sovereign Plastics we work closely with our clients on their projects and employ all our people right here in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. We can provide all services required for your projects from design to production, light assembly and fulfillment.

We Support - Made In America

Image by Aaron Burden

Why Does Made In America Matter?

Manufacturing has been proven time and again to be the catalyst to emerging and returning prosperity in every country where it is implemented.

Home Grown manufacturing leads to greater global strength for the manufacturing country.

Technological advancements come from manufacturing, the reason we have computers and mobile phones is from the need to have smaller and smaller machines capable of nano accuracy which are made by larger machines.

Global trade is based on goods not on services.

Services are dependent on manufactured goods. 11% of the US economy is based on buying and selling tangible goods, Real Estate is 13% of the economy and ALL improved property relies on manufactured goods. Healthcare is 8% of the economy and is highly dependent on the deployment of medical equipment and drugs.

Manufacturing creates jobs! From designers to shippers to machine operators, Sovereign Plastics creates jobs. Help us make even more by bringing your plastic molded product needs to us.


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